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I'm Hema Dhapola


Engaged in manual testing, I have acquired extensive knowledge, learning, and experience in conducting software testing with a focus on reliability, usability, and performance of Software application. While performing software testing ensuring that company complied with the applicable law like data privacy policy, NDA, agreement`s. As a passion of exploring new places and diverse culture. In my free time I like to watch movies.

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QA & Testing

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Traveling and Movie

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Hema's proficiency in manual testing, combined with her adoption of agile methodologies and scrum. Dedicated towards continuous learning and professional growth. She possesses quick learning abilities, adaptive skills, and a gained knowledge of software testing. Enabling her to execute test cases efficiently to identify defects and diligently reports defects to software developers. Moreover, she seamlessly collaborates with developers and project managers, working towards achieving project milestones. Ensuring that software application should be defect free, timely delivered the projects and meets customer requirements and user expectation.

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