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I'm Sanjay Jagarwal


Our Product Manager is dedicated to driving innovation and user satisfaction. He excels in translating intricate business requirements into intuitive and groundbreaking products. A solid background encompassing software development, product management, and user-centric research, he possesses a holistic understanding of the technical intricacies and human dynamics inherent in product development.

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Product Management, Market Research

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Cats and Games

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At the core of his skill set lies a proficiency in conducting comprehensive market assessments and user-centric analyses to pinpoint pain points and opportunities. He specializes in crafting compelling product visions, strategies, and roadmaps, orchestrating seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams comprising engineers, designers, and marketers to actualize product concepts. His approach is underpinned by a commitment to data-driven decision-making, facilitating iterative improvements and optimizations that continuously elevate user satisfaction and business value.

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