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Centralized Data Management system

A desktop interface that allows to provide quick IT solutions 24/7 without any wait time. SouthIndus Labs has gone to great lengths to first understand the needs of the project and further design solutions that perfectly aligns with our client’s expectations.  

Managing, monitoring and analyzing all of the data was the primary purpose. To be specific, the IT teams at Aiirify wanted to have a back-end portal, one that would display all of the tickets raised by the user, the ones resolved by the chatbot, and others that required human guidance. The dashboard would consolidate all information, fetching it from the desktop application. Further, it also had analytical tools for analyzing issues raised on a monthly basis, the type, and the duration of the same. Leveraging this, they could further improvise their IT ecosystem to reduce the issues. Access would be limited to the admin, ensuring end to end information privacy, and overall security.  

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Our core features of
digital solution

Automated Problem management

Reduction in workload with Automatic ticket creation, resolution and assigning status.

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Accessible dashboard UI/UX

Availability of all the tickets, its history and status in one single dashboard.

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Discover issues and faults

Root causes and patterns with a detailed profile and history can easily be manageable.

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Onboarding and offboarding automation

easily operations for IT teams by fast and efficient digital space.

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Alternate chat application integration

Chat applications are important features to connect with company executives in case of queries.

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Quick issue resolution through AI

The application is able to quickly resolve the issues. With the help of NLP, AI understands automates resolution.

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Our solutions
to challenging factors

Our solution to different challenges during product development.

Our developers created an automated resolution solution by creating a chatbot that uses NLP. This would not only understand keywords used in everybody interaction but also anticipate them for effective communication.

The digital solution had a varied amount of data overhead to process. To ensure the free data flow in this application, we used load balancing.
AWS Amplify helped developers to handle traffic and scale automatically when required. Our desktop app was able to handle peaks in workload or traffic while minimizing costs.

To ensure that all the data and analytics is easily approachable, we created a dashboard. History, root causes, automated ticket creation, onboarding/offboarding, instant resolution, expense summaries, and more were all available and accessible with a button click.
This was done using various desktop application features.

Tech Stack

Right software tools for the
digital solution

What's next?

  • Our team is working on the performance and scalability aspect of the application with increasing number of users.

  • We are looking forward to building mobile applications soon to aim for a mobile-first approach. The app will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. SouthIndus Labs team is working on scope and feature sets requirement analysis to kick off development soon.

  • Our client is looking for multilingual engagement modes to connect with customers deployed on all omni-channel platforms.