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Custom Admin Portal

Creating a good admin panel is very important for any online web applications. There are many challenges in making a product helpful, straightforward, and easy to use. We at SouthIndus Labs, have rich experience in building user-intuitive and efficient products. Therefore, when it comes to designing websites, web services, or applications, we try to make it usable and intuitive.  

We not only focus on the portals visible for the audience but also focus on the portals used by the administrator of the systems called the admin panel. We make sure to use the best practices and admin panel design principles that can assist the users.
Functionality and performance are the key factors for the admin portal. Their design should be as intuitive as possible. It is crucial to have a high-performance web admin panel personalized to particular business and user needs.  


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Design Practices

Steps to design a
Custom Admin Panel

Define the Panel's Goals

Admin panels are often hidden from most people's eyes and work behind the scenes. Some are well-known and widespread, while others cater to small groups of certain companies.

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Create Admin Panel Features List

They aren't there to grab attention, but they are essential to attract people to the most important data and functions. If a control panel is specifically tailored to business needs, it can help with growth and maintenance.

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Consider Third-Party Integrations

Admin panels should have a clear design that won't distract the user's attention from the essence. They are there to keep the users focused and help them work faster and more efficiently.

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Build a Prototype

There is no unified solution that fits all. That's why it's a good idea to analyze all business needs the panel should solve. You may limit admin panel features and opt for a simple option or invest in developing something complex with many features in mind.

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Test UX Solutions

Our goal is to let users interact quickly and easily with the data and content.

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Release & Review

Release and review by the users is an important step.

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Benefits of having
Admin Dashboard

An administration panel or Admin panel should help optimize the team's work and make it more efficient, accomplishing tasks as quickly as possible. 
The easier, more intuitive, and clear the interface is, the faster the users will perform their tasks. They can also easily analyze the data presented on the dashboard. 

  • Accountability 
  • Better decision making 
  • Real-time data 
  • Present data in a user-friendly way 
  • Easy to use

Tech Stack

Right software tools for the
digital solution

Why do you need it?

  • Every business in the world wants to manage their data and resources efficiently so that they can grow and scale the performance of the business.

  • Admin dashboards help businesses to manage, analyze, and track their data efficiently so that every business can meet their goals.

  • With the help of the admin dashboards, you can set KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) by which you can compare the performance of previous months and make plans to improve them.

  • You can improve the performance of the company, you can utilize the data more efficiently, and you can generate better ROI for your business.