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Tapping real-time visibility for the logistics sector

Due to covid-19, several shockwaves have been suffered in supply-chain, distribution systems, and freight carriers. However, the sector is now focusing on long-term and short-term strategies. The industry is now looking for technology adoption with a focus to build a unified view.

We are focused on creating end-to-end solutions in the field of Transportation, Logistics, and Freight. Our team has expertise in building high resilience platforms ensuring business continuity in changing marketplace.

What we offer

Our digital products for
Transportation, Logistics and Freight Sector

Inventory management

Our customized mobile app solutions provide accurate data of inventories, manpower, and returned goods.

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Real-time tracking

We provide customers with timely and regular updates to track their order and its estimated arrival.

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Maritime commerce

Our team can create solutions that can trace the journey of each consignment from the depot to the shipping dock by using different tracking methods such as IoT, GPS, and Bluetooth.

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Rail network solutions

We help in developing train control systems, driver performance reports to boost the performance of enterprises.

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Warehouse & Cargo management

Our WMS facilitates prompt reconciliation of inventory and early identification of discrepancies.

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Third-party logistics

Our services include:

  • Digital ecosystems for safe deliveries.
  • Track logistics metrics
  • Freight management

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Digitization future proofs global supply chains

The transportation, logistics, and freight enterprise need to ensure smooth and timely transition as well as movement from one destination to another. We provide advanced tools that automate the process, planning and scheduling, demand matching, and forecasting. 


Our services to this industry include: 

  • Robust data management, cognitive automation, simulation and cloud analytics, and agile visualization tools. 
  • Smarter fleet maintenance that drives sustainable operations and asset utilization. 
  • Real-time customer demand signaling
  • Robo bookings
  • Fully automated brokerage operations

Edge Computing and IoT adoption is gaining momentum and shaping. In current times, it is important that companies are modular, responsive, and adaptive. Robotics in this sector will play an immense role in the next decade where focus is machine-based activities. 


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  • Experienced developers

    Enriching our team, we have a pool of developers that have significant domain knowledge and also the experience in rendering top-notch development solutions to people across the globe. Our team will not only help you in the development but also offer consultation for better results.

  • State-of-the-art technology

    Staying ahead of our competitors, we at SouthIndus Labs employ cutting-edge tools and technologies to build digital products. Our developers keep themselves updates on latest trends so as to induce them while building apps.

  • Quick and cost-effective development

    Offering start-up-friendly design and development solutions, we are what you need when kicking off your business. Offering unparalleled solutions, we ensure that the pricing is nominal and that the time taken is minimal.