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Accelerating digital innovation in BFSI sector

The search for continuous transformation has become a major challenge for the finance industry. Financial institutions are evolving rapidly. Digital transformation has become increasingly essential in serving customers in providing solutions for the property and casualty, pension and annuity, compensation, and financial markets.

Several innovations demand in recent years, to help insurers modernize, innovate and connect. We guide insurance sectors in implementing innovative digital financial approaches. Additionally, banking sectors have to thrive in the ever-changing competitive market and meet customer needs.

Our BFSI solutions help businesses comply with regulations and meet their client’s expectations. We build solutions that are scalable, secure, compliant, and adaptive.

What we offer

Our digital products for
BFSI sector

Mobile payments and Digital Wallets

We help payment businesses with modern, scalable, and adaptive solutions using the latest technologies. We make sure that they are intuitive so that they are engaging and consistent for consumer usage.

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Capital markets solutions

We can guide trade execution and capital marketing firms in implementing high-performing trading platforms with robust execution and low system latency.

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Asset management tools

We help you in creating financial tools that can scale according to the needs of the business.

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Digital insurance solutions

We help in meeting the demand gap of insurers maintaining customer privacy and creating personalized user journeys. We strive best to build user-centric insurance solutions.

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Financial ISVs

We create a complete integrated scalable financial solution that is adaptable to changing industry needs.

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Financial platform

Our team can build proprietary platforms along with analytics and ETL tools for investment banking that integrates industry solutions.

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Looking for digital transformation ?

Business on the go

We build user-centric BFSI digital solutions

We ensure that we create a seamless experience for users driven by research, data analysis, and test results. We design and create utility-oriented or business-oriented mobile solutions as per your requirements. We help financial services implement innovative digital insurance strategies. We guide organizations to shape digital insurance consumerism through our digital services by Cloud computing, microservice, and API-enabled insurance technology. 


Our solutions are created in such a way that they maintain data privacy, protected from Cyber Risks, meet the demand gap, and avoid any commoditization. We work with leading insurance companies to improve business efficiencies and reduce operational costs. 


Our developers can build Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Relationship Management, employee portals, and many such digital solutions so that your operations could be streamlined and digitized smoothly. 


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We at SouthIndus Labs, have rich experience in building user-intuitive and efficient custom admin portal.
Design & Development, Product, Software

Custom Admin Portal

A desktop interface that allows to provide quick IT solutions 24/7 without any wait time. Key features include automated problem management, onboarding and offboarding automation & alternate chat integration.
Design & Development

Centralized Data Management

  • Experienced developers

    Enriching our team, we have a pool of developers that have significant domain knowledge and also the experience in rendering top-notch development solutions to people across the globe. Our team will not only help you in the development but also offer consultation for better results.

  • State-of-the-art technology

    Staying ahead of our competitors, we at SouthIndus Labs employ cutting-edge tools and technologies to build digital products. Our developers keep themselves updates on latest trends so as to induce them while building apps.

  • Quick and cost-effective development

    Offering start-up-friendly design and development solutions, we are what you need when kicking off your business. Offering unparalleled solutions, we ensure that the pricing is nominal and that the time taken is minimal.