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How can Agile and DevOps help to grow your business?

In this fast-paced technological development world, companies focus on quick deliveries. It is also important to maintain high customer value.

Agile and DevOps are a few of the two technologies focused on delivering similar output.

DevOps helps to reduce the number of steps during the development process for accelerated delivery of software to the market. Of course, the scalability, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of software are taken into consideration. Thus, the software development team and IT operations team work collectively to reduce the software implementation delivery time.

The agile process, on the other hand, is more focused on software development or coding to increase the velocity of project delivery. It involves observation, adaptation & examination with the highest accuracy. The end goal is similar.

Combining DevOps & Agile helps overcome the challenges and limitations of each other with benefits like faster delivery, and higher customer satisfaction resulting in higher revenue and profit growth.

What is Agile DevOps?

DevOps and Agile are modern software development practices that are intended to create products, launch, or release.

So why is it important to bring the two approaches together? Listed are a few of the reasons:

  • Process releases are simplified and product offerings are improved
  • Allows maximized collaboration
  • Implementation of continuous integration/delivery pipeline
  • More value and fewer risks in every release
  • Fewer bugs and faster fixes
  • Increased visibility
  • Higher customer satisfaction rates
  • More qualitative products

Thus, the benefits of both these practices together include velocity, greater acceleration, and the ability to act on new opportunities and deliver more value. However, security, budgets, techniques, and tool challenges are a few disadvantages.

According to SD Times, both Agile & DevOps are tightly linked to provide value to the customer faster. Agile requires DevOps to achieve speedy software delivery and effectiveness. DevOps is not successful without agile. It is thus dependent on the leadership and the culture of the enterprise to leverage the maximum benefits of both these practices.


Software development and IT operations (DevOps) together effectively integrate and deliver top-quality products and services on a continuous basis. Agile brings agility by aiding small and quick changes as per the client’s requirements. By merging both approaches, DevOps Agile, companies can win the benefit of exponential growth of the organization, both in terms of customer experience and growth in revenue.

What Benefits can SouthIndus Labs set forth?

It is important to have expertise in handling the projects with thorough understanding, planning, and technical know-how for successful product development or digital transformation of an organization.

At SouthIndus Labs, the team makes sure to bring the best technology solutions to the table. With the help of our expertise and strong technical knowledge as well as experience, we are a fast-growing software development company providing Agile DevOps and cloud computing solutions for your app development.

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