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SouthIndus Labs specializes in quality assurance and testing activities.

QA Automation and Testing

Many companies implement Agile Software Development already with the increasing demand to deliver software faster. This lets them to be more responsive to the changes.

Conventionally many teams used waterfall or other traditional testing models. The issue with these models was as the product grows, the amount of testing grows exponentially–and QA invariably struggles to keep up.

Most importantly, when software is important to your business, you cannot trust chance. Reliability is the most significant and key to success that can be achieved by processes with the right methodology.

At SIL, we follow DevOps practices, which give our teams a proven way to deliver IT projects within agreed metrics on both businesses as well as technical aspects. We make sure to use smart tools like Trello, Jira etc. We believe in agile and effective software development and process cycle by providing continuous delivery with high quality of software quality.

Every successful software strategy starts with Quality Assurance that must be
  • Adjusted and adapted to your needs
  • optimized for cost
  • Scalable as you go
  • Independant
  • Efficient
The testing tools are responsible for many requirements and skills, including exploratory testing, test management, and planning. Nevertheless, for the DevOps toolchain, automation is the most crucial function. This testing mechanism proves advantageous by speeding up your development and testing cycles rapidly over time.

Automation testing increases the quality of software by executing repeatedly, covering several aspects such as UI testing, security scanning, or load tests. This type of testing approach yields reports and trend graphs that help identify risky areas.

While we value the reusability of automated test scripts during software development process, this property of automation testing can also be regarded as a disadvantage in some aspects. Manual testing may be a better investment in such circumstances.

To ascertain quality exceeds exceptions, we use penetration test to simulate attacks by a malicious party. Using this approach will help in an understanding of the ability of an attacker to gain access to confidential information as well as affect data integrity.

Technology is everywhere. We see technological advancement in gadgets to the increasing presence of smart technology in cars, homes, schools, and offices. Since mobility solutions have taken over the markets as the latest trends, the mobile solutions which is been delivered should be completely tested. To make sure that all users have a great experience of the app regardless of the screen size, OS version, and feature of the app, we run through the Firebase test Lab. It is hosted on the cloud and offers a variety of devices and configurations ready to test your app by crawling.

As we can see clearly, there is a lot going on in the area of Quality Assurance. Thus, QA is more than just testing. Their responsibilities range from business analysis, ensuring proper quality standards, regression testing, performance testing, security testing, proposing ideas in project, documentation, manual regression testing and automation testing.

“We believe in complete QA services ensuring high quality product and satisfaction to our customers”

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